Refund Policy

The customers are given an open option to choose the service plan they deem fit on our website and is also shared over the phone discussion, where then we share the refund or cancellation policy with the customers. After the first resolution has been provided to the customer and we have received their confirmation of satisfaction on received service, we charge the customer for the plan opted for.

If there are any instances reported to Opsys Shop where our support technical experts have been unable to resolve the issue or the issue lies out of our scope then the refund and the cancellation policy would be applicable.

For our subscription based plans: Entire amount will be refunded if Opsys Shop has not been able to resolve even a single issue for you within the first 10 days of the subscription. The Money-Back Guarantee is valid for 30 days, beginning at the time of online purchase for the plans that had been through for three months, there will be refund for up to 50% if no incident referred, and if only one incident has been referred then per incident fee will be charged and balance amount refunded. For the period exceeding six months, Opsys Shop will exercise its discretion in deciding, depending upon the time invested in it, from No refund to Pro-rats refund on a case to case basis. We reserve the right to change pricing, plans, features, services, content, and design offered on this Website at any time.

For our per incident based plans:

The Money-Back Guarantee is valid for 7 days, beginning at the time of 1st Incident. The subscriber will be eligible for refund when any of the following criterion met:

You have all the prerequisites which were required to resolve the issue, but it was not resolved till the time subscription/account was active.

The issue is out of scope for the particular plan.